Yorkshire’s Eric Richmond was only 19 when he fought for his country as the RAF’s youngest-ever Lancashire Bomber pilot in World War II.

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Eric left the skies to follow in his father’s footsteps with a butcher’s shop in Ossett. Eric Richmond Ltd was born as Eric began producing sausages and pies to his secret recipes.


The Eric Richmond Ltd empire grew… one shop became eight, located across West Yorkshire, and a purpose-built factory was added to the original Ossett shop.


Building the brand… Eric Richmond Ltd pies are sold not only in Eric’s own shops but through other small retailers too and his sons Michael and Robin join the business.



Tom Martin begins his career in IT, globetrotting developed his passion for good food.

Perfect pies and pasties


The pork pie – the company’s best seller – wins the award for the Supreme Champion at the Great Yorkshire Pie Competition. Success in national contests closely followed and with his  reputation preceding him, Eric is invited to judge at the Royal Smithfield Show in 1986 and 1990.


Keen to put his globetrotting days behind him, Tom looks for a chance to settle down and indulge his foodie passion. With Eric Richmond Ltd up for sale following Eric’s retirement, Tom and wife Anne-Marie decide to take it on.



70+ years after it was created, the small pork pie wins a top best-in-class award at the Great Yorkshire Pork Pie Competition.

To celebrate Yorkshire Day Eric Richmond Ltd creates a rhubarb pie.



It continues the family ethos and Tom and Anne -Marie’s son, Alexander joins the management team and Tom is elected President of the Confederation of Yorkshire Butchers Councils.


Celebrating the annual Liquorice Festival in Pontefract, Eric Richmond Ltd develops a pork pie flavoured with liquorice and a game pie with red wine and redcurrant which proves a winner at the Guild of Fine Foods annual awards.


The company looks to attract and  younger, more  health conscious audience and changes the name to Eric’s while keeping the traditional ethos and recipes.