Perfect Pies
& Pasties

Our traditional pork pies, which are still made to Eric’s own recipe today, combine locally sourced pork, a secret seasoning mix and our own hot water pastry to produce the perfect pie every time. Our variety of flavour combinations including pork & apple and pork & black pudding to name but two, mean you are more than spoilt for choice!

our full range of pies & pasties

Small Pork Pie
3/4lb Stand Pie
Small Stand Pie (1 ¼)

Medium Stand Pie (2)
Large Stand Pie (3)
6lb & 9lb Slicing Pie with & without egg

2lb Chicken & Ham
3lb Chicken & Ham
2lb Game Pie

3lb Game Pie (made to order)
(Pork, Ham, Pheasant, Turkey & Rabbit – Layered)
Ploughmans Pork Pie (Pickle & Cheese)

Sausage Rolls
Pork & Leek Sausage Rolls
Cocktail Sausage Rolls
Puff Cornish Pasty
Puff Cheese & Onion Pasty

Tikka / Chilli / Balti Slices
Steak / Chicken Slices
Steak & Onion / Steak & Kidney / Meat & Potato-Puff & Short Crust
Steak Pies

Large Meat & Potato
Large Steak/Steak & Onion
Savoury Mince
Chicken & Ham / Mushroom
Cottage Pie

Plate Steak Pies
Small Game Pie
Rabbit Pies
Turkey & Stufïng Pies
Breakfast Pie (Pork, Cheese, Beans)


Apple Turnover
Cherry Turnover

Fruit Pies
Apple, Cherry, Apple & Rasberry, Blackcurrant

Sausages on a plate


Fabulously flavoured and full of meaty goodness, our sausages have been winning awards for decades. Only the finest locally sourced meat and high quality seasonings feature in our sausages and as we make small batches to order daily, you can be sure of their freshness.

our full range of sausages

Pork Sausage
Tomato Sausage

Best Sausage (Cumberland)
Rush Free Sausage

Catering Sausage – Sold Frozen
Chipolata Sausage

Pork Sausage Meat – 1lb Sticks
Best Sausage Meat – 1lb sticks

Pork & apple
Pork & Stuffing
Pork & Black Pudding
Pork & Chilli

Pork & Stilton
Pork & Tomato Sausage
Pork & Garlic Mushrooms

Pork & Chorizo
Pork & Apple Stuffing
Pork & Leek

Tomato, Garlic & Basil
Sweet & Smoky (perfect for BBQ)

Pork & Chive (made to order)
Mediterranean Sausage

Pork & Garlic (made to order)
Honey & Mustard (made to order)

WD (Hot & Spicy Leek)
Pork & Apple (made to order)

Joints & Other
Good Stuff

Our facility in Ossett has all the equipment and facilities needed to cure, pickle and make all sorts of delicious foods. We make our own black pudding, cure, pickle and press Ox tongues and our delicious beef spread is made freshly from slow cooked beef shin three times a week.

We make the tastiest roast and boiled hams, pork loins (stuffed if required) and can coat these with breadcrumbs, glazes or other flavours. If you’re a deli or butcher who wants some delicious cooked meats, just give us a call.

our full range of joints & other good stuff

All our roasts are full joints of meat flash roasted with NO added water

Leg of Pork



Horseshoe Gammon

Stuffed Roast Belly Pork

Roast Belly Pork

Roast Loin of Pork (dipped in brine)

Roast Belly Bits

Pressed Ox Tongue
5lb Premium Spread
1/4lb Premium Spread

1/2lb Premium Spread

Black Pudding
Pork Dipping (Mucky Fat)

Beef Dripping (1lb Packets)
Raw Pickled Tongue


Scotch Eggs

Speciality Scotch Eggs
(eg Black Pudding Pork & leeks, Tomato etc)

Quiche – Ham & Mushroom
Meat Free – Tomato / pepper

Breakast Quiche